Jul 15, 2008

Knight v.1.3

Some more bugs have been reported and are now fixed in v.1.3. Some of the bugs that are now fixed were: post dates displayed incorrectly, no favicon or rss support, date box style width fixed, chat line as inline-block, and a few more little things. Thank you again to all the readers that have sent in bug reports. This theme is becoming more and more solid every release! Download and update to Knight v.1.3 now.

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Download Policy

Please read and follow this policy if you are about to download the Knight theme.

The Policy:

  • The Knight theme was created by Elliott Cost. Any duplication of the design or code for a diffrent platform other than Tumblr is strictly prohibited.
  • You must keep the “Knight theme by Elliott Cost.” footer link at the bottom of the theme unaltered. You may not remove it.
  • Do not change any of the design features of the theme. This includes post colors, fonts, all styles, etc.
  • Do not alter/replace the image of the knight in the header. It’s part of the design.
  • This policy is subjected to change. If you have a questions about the policy please email me.
  • The Knight Theme is copyrighted. Use the theme on your Tumblr, but do not steal my work.

If you promise to follow the policy above then go ahead and download the theme. Thank you!

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Jul 4, 2008

Knight v.1.2

Another little error pointed out by Brian has been fixed. Of course download the theme here. Thank you again to all the readers that have reported bugs so far!

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Jul 1, 2008

Knight v.1.1

Sorry everyone! I forgot to add a link {tag} for images with click-through links. You can download Knight v.1.1 here. If you see anymore bugs, please let me know. Thanks!

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Jun 30, 2008

Knight v.1

So I’ve been working on a new original theme over the past few days and thought I’d release a version 1 copy of it. knighttheme.tumblr.com is currently using the theme, so you can test it out a little here. Then go ahead and download the theme here. Just copy the knight.txt code into your Tumblr dashboard and click save! For more detailed instructions go here. If you find a bug don’t hesitate to email me. Enjoy!

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